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 Economic and Light

Because of the geometrical characteristics of the structure and because the resistance of the stell construction material used is higher; they are stronger and lighter structures built with less material compared to the other similar purpose structures.


It Provides Wide Openings

It can be used in closing very wide openings without using carrier elements such as columns. Especially when used in concert halls, stadiums, sports halls and malls, the elbow rooms of people are not restricted and their visibility range is increased.


Controlled Production

We use special connection details, the patents of which belong to us in our structures. These details are provided by bolted connections. Thus, the elements comprising the structure are produced in a controlled way in work place environment away from the field welding risks.


Easy and Fast Installation

Shortness of construction time means that the structure can be commissioned in a shorter time. At this point, fast installation advantage is an important factor.


Durable and Strong

Domes are more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, snow etc. compared to classic buildings due to their global structures. Due to these characteristics, it is not a coincidence that they were used especially for structures in which large groups of people were included at the same time throughout the history.


It Provides Volume

Considering the surface area it has, it includes the biggest volume compared to the different kinds of structures having the same surface area. That’s why it is used frequently in storing areas or stock fields.

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