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Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller, the father of geodesic dome...

He designed the “geodesic dome” which allows covering an area in architecture with the least equipment.

American philosopher, engineer, architect, poet, author and inventor

For all his life, Fuller tried to understand if the mankind has a chance to live longer and more successfully on planet earth and if they do how it will happen.


Some of his accomplishments in his life; (1895-1983) 

  • 25 patents
  • 28 books
  • 47 Honorary Ph.D titles (on Art, Science and Engineering)
  • 12 Architecture Awards, one of which was a Golden Medal given by American Architecture Institute and British Architects Royal Institute. An institute established with his name (Buckminster Fuller Institute). Design Works in many museums across the world. It is not wrong to say that Buckminster Fuller was recognized mostly by his invention of “geodesic dome”. The most famous of the “global domes” which are the lightest, the strongest structures designed so far and built with the cheapest materials is perhaps the dome of the exhibition hall in Montreal. It is wrong to call it the dome of the building though. Because the building itself is in the shape of a globe, it is absurd to mention a separate part as its “dome”. Buckminster Fuller realized the transition from a classical dome concept to a building concept in a “global dome” shape.




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