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What is Geodesic Dome?

The word “geodesic” is a word of Latin etymology and means “dividing the earth”. In Mathematics, this concept means the shortest line combining two spots on a globe, the geodesic line. The idea of combining the spots designated on the surface of a globe using geodesic lines resulted in the emerge of geodesic domes the surface of which is comprised of triangles.

The first structure known as a geodesic dome was designed by Walther Bauerseld after the World War I and built for Zeiss Company in Germany. 30 years after, in the late 1940’s, Richard Buckminster Fuller studied on the applicability of geodesic domes, the reasons why they have a strong structure and their advantages. Geodesic domes which became more popular after the Works of Fuller on them found many areas of use such as sports halls, theatres, greenhouses, concert halls, stock fields, oil tankers, silos, houses and schools.

  • What is Geodesic Dome?
  • What is Geodesic Dome?
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