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Our company developed “ICOSA SYSTEMS” at the stage reached as a result of long term studies on “dome and free surfaces”  carried out by ENDECO established in 2002 Engineering and Consultancy Company providing service in the area of engineering and architecture.

Our company provides service in the area of design and production of geodesic dome and free surfaces. The basis of these Works is established by the desire of today’s engineers to realize the illimitable imagination.

Geodesic domes have many areas of use such as stock fields, houses, oil tankers, sports halls, mall roofs etc.

In free surface structures, our geodesic solutions find a use of area for themselves as roof or surface in the special projects designed by architects.

The engineers of our company can implement these structures with unusual architectures which we call free shaped structures with “geodesic shell surface method” with the knowledge and experience they have gained in long years. Engineering Works of desired free shaped structures are performed by using advanced computer technology, examining appropriate standards and determining loads to yield the lightest and most economic results.

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