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The reason why the implementation of the unique architectural design of these structures is quite hard and unreal is not providing the appropriate engineering approach. Our company undertakes the Project and engineering issues of these structures which are designed for special projects. The necessary solutions are provided by special software developed by our company.

Domes can be used in many structures such as sports halls, malls and theatres.

To build such general purpose structures, the area to be covered by the dome must be a circle. In some cases, the base area can be rectangular, square, polygon or any other polygon or a random shaped area. In these cases, Icosa System domes we designed for free areas provide the best solution.

√ Areas where sports competitions take place

√ Planetariums

√ Malls

√ Theatre, concert, exhibition halls

√ Congress and seminar centers

√ Greenhouses, dome houses

√ Socio-cultural plants

√ Mosque domes

Domes are used in architectural Works both in parts of concept design and in all of the structure.


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