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Free Surface

Free Shaped Structures

Today, with the advance of computer technology, people started to force the limits of imagination and have made great progress in structure area as well as many other areas. A new one is added everyday to the buildings which are different from each other aesthetically and amazing the ones who see them

It is true to mention two important factors to realize these structures. First of them are the “architect” who imagined the unique structure which amazes the ones who see it and the second is the “constructional engineer” who will realize this unique dream. With the help of the advancing technology, it is possible to enliven these imagined, unique, free structures on the screen of a computer as a result of a creative process. So, how will it be possible to realize this dream in the second stage?

To implement this designed structure in the exact desired way, to constitute safe, practical living areas are serious problems to find a solution. Valid solutions must also be found for the problems such as constituting the geometry of the structure as the architect expects, to ensure the safety of the structure under appropriate loads and to reach a light and economic solution and to keeping the construction and installation duration short. To reach appropriate solutions requires a competent engineering point of view.

The engineers of our company can implement these structures with unusual architectures which we call free shaped structures with “geodesic shell surface method” with the knowledge and experience they have gained in long years.

Engineering Works of desired free shaped structures are performed by using advanced computer technology, examining appropriate standards and determining loads to yield the lightest and most economic results.

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