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Industrial and Stocking Pile

 It is known that many factories or production plants need large stock piles to keep and protect the produced materials. Today, the stock piles have disadvantages such as not being economic enough or not providing the necessary volumes. Dome shaped stock piles fully meet the needs at this point with the aforementioned advantages.

The domes, the design and installation of which are made by our company provide economic and functional solutions which can answer the needs of producers best.

In addition, the structure of dome structures which are resistant to natural factors such as wind and earthquakes is an important choice point to disregard.

In some cases, stock piles might be needed to have elliptical or conical shapes due to their purpose of use. In case the defined structures are needed, Icosa Systems can provide the necessary stock fields for use.

Oil tankers, chemical material tanks and large diameter liquid tanks are another areas domes are used. It is a quite suitable solution to stock the petrol and chemical substances which must be protected from environmental factors because its cost is low, no carrier element is used through the closed area and it has a strong structure.

In Industrial Area;

√ Stock piles

√ Silo roofs

√ Chemical tanks 

√ Liquid tank covers 

To cover the stock fields, the subject area doesn’t have to be in regular geometry.

  • Industrial and Stocking Pile
  • Industrial and Stocking Pile
  • Industrial and Stocking Pile
  • Industrial and Stocking Pile
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