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Geodesic Disaster House
Novitas Yapı Teknolojileri
Serdar Akünal
Volkan Orhan, Utku C. Özyurt
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The purpose of our Project is to design a disaster house in the form of a dome that can be used in short and medium term after a natural disaster, that will have a use area of 75 m2, that will be easily installed and uninstalled and will have a life of five years.

As a result of the investigations, some problems and deficiencies are detected in present accommodation methods in case of disasters. Our aim is to design a new structure in the light of new technological developments to prevent these deficiencies.

The steelwork constituting the basis of geodesic structures differ from other materials by its strong structure and resistance. As mentioned above, the structure planned to be developed will be designed in dome shape. Due to the geometrical characteristics of the structure and high resistance of the steelwork material, a stronger and lighter structure which is built with less materials will be built compared to the other similar purpose structures. Unlike other geodesic structures, a more practical connection method that allows the fast installation of the structure will be used. The connection method to be developed must be as strong as other methods and it must allow the structure to be uninstalled and transported to another place and re-installed there.

Because the product to be developed will be designed primarily as disaster residence, it must be resistant to the climatic conditions of disaster regions. R&D Works will be carried out within the Project to determine the external coating material. The coating material to be developed will provide heat insulation so that cold weather insulation will be provided in winter and hot weather insulation will be provided in summer. In addition, external coating will provide water insulation and rain and snow waters will be prevented from getting into the structure.

Another deficiency detected regarding the external coating is resistance to fire, therefore, various studies will be carried out in this subject.

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